If you purchased a musical instrument or accessory in the UK,

you could be eligible for significant compensation with My Instrument Claim.

If you purchased a musical instrument or accessory in the UK, you could be eligible for significant compensation with My Instrument Claim.

What is the claim about?

Following an investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), a number of musical instrument and accessory manufacturers admitted to infringing provisions of both UK and European competition law.

The CMA found that manufacturers including Yamaha, Roland, Casio, Fender, and Korg entered into agreements with important UK resellers, stipulating that they would not advertise or sell online certain products below specific prices.

These agreements prevented competition within the United Kingdom and/or European Union, which would have ultimately led to consumers paying a higher price for the products.

If you purchased a musical instrument or accessory from any of the brands listed below, you could be owed compensation.

How do I join the claim?

If you purchased a Casio, Fender, Korg, Yamaha, or Roland musical instrument or accessory, you could be owed compensation.

To be included in the claim, you do not need to do anything right now.

If the claim is successful, class members will need to provide certain information in order to receive their compensation. We will update this website and be sure to publicise how we require this information from class members.

If you would like further information about your eligibility, the legal process, or how to claim if the case is successful, please register for updates via the Chatbot now.

You do not need to register for updates in order to be eligible for compensation.

Why choose Pogust Goodhead?

Pogust Goodhead is a law firm primarily based in London, specialising in large-scale and complex group litigation, including competition law. The firm also has offices in other locations such as Amsterdam, Miami, Philadelphia, and Rio de Janeiro.

Pogust Goodhead has particular experience in seeking redress for consumers, as evidenced in the diesel emissions litigations that are currently proceeding through the High Court.

Pogust Goodhead is providing legal support to Elisabetta Sciallis, the proposed class representative, in her claim before the Tribunal.

Elisabetta is the Principal Policy Adviser at the consumer organisation Which?. Prior to this role she was an executive in consumer cross-border affairs for the UK European Consumer Centre at the Chartered Trading Standards Institute for over a decade.

Throughout 18 years working in the consumer and commercial law sphere, Elisabetta has qualified as both a solicitor of England and Wales and an advocate in Italy. 

She has also drafted several publications on consumer protection for the Journal of Trading Standards and Chartered Trading Standards Institute and has been consulted by both the European Commission and UK Government on the subject.

Elisabetta has dedicated her professional life to the defence and protection of consumers. She also has considerable experience of project management and policy delivery, allowing her to manage this large and complex litigation on your behalf.


The CMA investigation found that Casio, Fender, Yamaha, Roland, and Korg were all in breach of competition laws and are the main brands involved in the claim. There are a number of sub-brands also included in the claim.

Products purchased from third parties that have connections with Casio, Fender, Yamaha, Roland, or Korg, could also potentially be eligible to claim compensation.

If you think you may have a claim with a sub-brand, you can check your eligibility to by clicking ‘Register Your Details’ on this page. 

The nature of the claim means you do not need to sign up in the traditional sense. Anyone who purchased an instrument from the brands listed on this page will be automatically entitled to compensation after the claim is won. 

It is not a requirement, therefore, to register your details on this page. However, we would advise you to do so to ensure you are the first to receive updates on the case as it progresses with the court. 

After the claim is won, we will email you with further information about how you move forward to receive your compensation. 

If you purchased a musical instrument or accessory by any of the manufacturers between the dates provided, you are automatically enrolled in the claim.  

  • Fender: 2013 – 2019 
  • Yamaha: 2013 – 2018 
  • Roland: 2011 – 2019 
  • Korg: 2015 – 2019  
  • Casio 2015-2019

There are no fees attached to the claim. If the case is successful, you will receive 100% of the compensation awarded.  

We take out insurance called After the Event (ATE) so that, if the claim is not successful, you will not be liable for any legal fees.  

If the Tribunal allows the proposed claim to proceed, anyone who meets the class definition will automatically be included in the claim and bound by the result, unless they ask to opt out.  

If you believe that you are eligible, but do not want to be a part of these proceedings, you will have the opportunity to opt out at a later date. Please register with us via the chatbot on this page and we will contact you when that time comes.  

If you opt out of the claim, you will not be entitled to any compensation that is awarded as a part of these proceedings. If you are unsure at this stage about being included, please feel free to contact us with any queries.   

A deadline for you to opt out will be set by the Competition Appeal Tribunal. When the opt-out process is available, we will update this website with information regarding the deadline, ensuring that class members have adequate notice. 

Personal representatives/administrators of the estates of deceased class members will be included in the claims. They are also entitled to opt-out of the proceedings on behalf of the estates that they have been appointed to represent.  

Please register your details via the chatbot on this page if you would like to make a claim. You will be asked to share some basic details of the deceased individual as well.  

The length of these proceedings will depend on the approach that the manufacturers decide to adopt in response to our application.  

If the manufacturers refuse to settle at an early stage, it could be a few years before we will be able to secure compensation.  

Timings of settlement agreements vary from case to case, so it is difficult to say at this stage how long it will take. However, we will be sure to provide regular updates via this website and via email to those that have subscribed for updates.